Welcome to Elmar's Amiga stuff.

Welcome! On this page you can find some of my programs for the Amiga. This page is not up-to-date. Please check out AMInet for updates.

Klotz is the most advanced classical tetris clone which runs on the any pubscreen. It supports shared pens for colorful output, uses 8svx-samples for brilliant :-) sound-FX and even takes advantage of AmigaOS 3.1 features like the lowlevel.library (CD³² joypad support) and the nonvolatile.library for saving hiscores!


The BCDPlayer is a cute compact disc player for SCSI and ATAPI based CD-drives or CD³² emulation. The player has a configurable 4 or 8 color GUI, a program-, an intro- and a repeat-mode, an amazing time-/track-display and is very easy to use.


Mystic is a 2-bit pattern generator with 4 different tile sets and many symmetric options. The UN*X version hides here.

Also available is the PERSONAL ICON IO library which allows you to use PPaint as a simple icon editor with NEWICON support. This is an ancient version, please check AMInet for recent updates.

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