Photographs from the famous
Clausthal Mineral Collection

Please note the new catalogue

At the moment, the current version of the Clausthal online mineral collection is available in German only. There is an older version with less information in English (see below).

The old Clausthal online mineral collection:

Some initial 93 clickable mineral images provide access to larger, better quality (JPEG) mineral photographs.
Access to the online collections is provided in different formats:

  1. Links to all 93 mineral photographs with mineral names.
  2. Links to all 93 mineral photographs with mineral names and icon-sized,
    clickable INLINED IMAGES (BEWARE: approx. 500K!!).
  3. Clickable Clausthal Collection Cupboard with all 93 clickable
    INLINED IMAGES ONLY (BEWARE: approx. 500K!!)

Photographs copyright A.K.Schuster.

You might want to visit the collection in person.
Check opening details for public access.

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